OLPC Repo Watch

OLPC-related projects keep their source code in a variety of places.

http://dev.laptop.org/~mncharity/olpc-repo-watch/ is an exploratory attempt to create a combined list of OLPC-related project repositories.

Thus making it easier to see people’s work.

The list includes all projects on dev.laptop.org and src.sugarlabs.org, and projects found searching for “olpc” on gitorious.org, code.google.com, sourceforge.com, and github.com.  Also activity pages on wiki.laptop.org.

I would appreciate feedback on whether you find it useful.


One Response to “OLPC Repo Watch”

  1. skierpage Says:

    Nifty, I added this to http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Source_code under “See also”

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