Mis-stated matter

[Some late-night silliness…]

Cat drinks water from a glass
CC-BY-NC-SA @ 2011-06-06

Cat drinks.
Dog thinks.
Dog asks, “Is that water in your glass, a solid, liquid, or a gas?”

Cat thinks.
Cat winks.
Cat replies, “Meow. Yes.”

Dog frowns.
Dog barks.
Dog inquires, “WooTF?”

Cat explains.

“Against the glass, the water pressed, shear force you can’t neglect.”
“And so, a solid.”
“Above the surface, in humid blending, air and water dance.”
“And so, a gas.”
“Within these thin boundaries, bulk water lies, sticky and slidy.”
“And so, a liquid.”

Dog protests, “But… but the meat of it… only the liquid matters!”
Cat corrects, “State a problem, before discarding skin.”
“A mosquito larva, breathing snorkeled microclime, would disagree.”

Dog ponders larval plight.
But with wagging tongue, recites, “It’s a liquid iff it takes the shape of its container.”

Water droplets sitting spherically on a leaf
CC-BY-NC-SA @ 2011-06-06

Cat licks whiskers.
Cat licks dew drop.
Cat suggests, “Dogs should know better than that.”

Cat looks at water droplet
CC-BY @ 2011-06-06


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