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Numeracy software – some ideas

2008 January 30, Wednesday

Vision for a numeracy activity (Activity is OLPC-jargon for a software program) is my rough sketch of a numerate educational desktop.

Simplified OLPC laptop emulation on linux

2008 January 27, Sunday

A new version of xo-qemu is available.

xo-qemu is a script for downloading, managing, and running OLPC QEMU disk images on linux.

The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC)<> project creates a linux distribution for its laptop. It is released as numbered builds (ie, “versions”), in several streams (eg, separate streams for developers and end users). These builds are available in several forms, one of which is a disk image that can be run on the QEMU virtual machine. This script makes it easier to obtain, manage, alter, and run these disk images on linux. It provides virtual, slightly broken, emulated OLPC XO laptops.

olpc_xo_qemu-0.006 is a bugfix release.
It should work with all the builds 0.005 did, plus current joyrides.

This is alpha quality software. It is unclear how many people, if any, are using it. Please drop me a note if you are. Thanks.


My thanks to Eduardo Silva (edsiper) and his XO_Monitor for the FUSE filesystem mounting.

Example use:
$ xo-qemu –report
$ xo-qemu –new-user
$ mkdir builds laptops
$ xo-qemu –get-build joyride latest builds/
$ xo-qemu –make-laptop laptops/one `xo-qemu –get-build joyride latest builds/ |tail -1`
$ laptops/one/xo on
$ laptops/one/xo xephyr on
$ laptops/one/xo xephyr off
$ laptops/one/xo ssh ls -a
$ laptops/one/xo do import -window root screenshot.png
$ laptops/one/xo mount
$ ls -a laptops/one/root laptops/one/olpc
$ laptops/one/xo mount -u
$ xo-qemu –help